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Board of Directors

 Emerge Massachusetts Board of Directors Expectations

Why Join the Board?

Joining the Board will put you on the ground-level of building a better Massachusetts. You'll be provided with the most up to date information about Emerge MA, one-on-one fundraising support, and recognition on our website and at events. But, most importantly, you'll play an integral role in ushering in the next generation of women leaders. 

We're looking for expert fundraisers, knowledgable politicos, connected organizers, discerning lawyers, detail-oriented accountants and everything in between!

Emerge Massachusetts Purpose

Emerge Massachusetts is a non-profit 527 political organization formed in 2007:

  • To identify, educate, motivate and inspire emerging female Democratic leaders at the local and state level in Massachusetts; 
  • To create and maintain a program to train women to be effective Democratic leaders and prepare them to pursue public office.


Emerge Massachusetts Directors hold office for a 2 year term. Directors may serve a maximum of three (3) consecutive terms.


The Board of Directors meets monthly throughout the year, except for the summer months. A calendar of meetings will be distributed at the beginning of every year.

General Requirements 

  • All board members carry fiduciary responsibility for the organization and must have working knowledge of the budget and bylaws 
  • Know and approve all policies and programs 
  • Interpret the organization’s work and values to the community, represent the organization, and serve as an ambassador and spokesperson 
  • Keep up-to-date on the business of the organization, including cash flow, programs, strategic objectives, metrics, and results
  • Excuse oneself from decisions and votes where there may be a conflict of interest
  • Keep all Emerge Massachusetts matters confidential, including financials, campaign information, program members, alumnae, and other affiliate business 
  • Work in good faith with fellow Board members and staff toward the achievement of the organization’s goals 
  • Do not provide political endorsements and the like in the name of Emerge Massachusetts 
  • Must live or work in Massachusetts 

Financial Requirements 

  • Make a personally significant contribution to Emerge Massachusetts annually (Emerge MA maintains a 100% giving board) 
  • Give or raise a minimum of $1,000 per year for the organization through signature fundraising events or personal solicitations (Note: personal contributions are counted towards the $1,000 give or raise minimum) 
  • Recruit one Advisory Council or Men’s Leadership Council member during tenure on the Board of Directors. The Executive Director will work with board members on cultivation and solicitation (Note: Advisory Council and Men’s Leadership Council members give or raise $1,000 annually for Emerge Massachusetts) 

Expectations and Terms of Service 

  • Attend Board meetings, using fair, independent judgment, and due care in conducting the business of Emerge Massachusetts. 
  • Confirm attendance to board meetings and other board business by notifying the Executive Director 
  • Attend the annual Board retreat 
  • Attend at least one weekend training during the first year of service on the Board 
  • Attend annual program graduation and program receptions, and fundraising events 
  • Remain on the Board for a term of no less than 24 months, renewable for up to three consecutive terms 
  • Upon resignation, Board members are encouraged to join the Advisory Council and to help recruit and nominate replacement

Participation Requirements 

  • Actively take part in the annual recruitment and selection process
  • Actively recruit new board members 

Board Committees/Leadership Positions 

  • Executive Committee (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Fundraising Committee 
  • Recruitment and Selection Committee 
  • Program and Curriculum Committee 
  • Governance Committee 
  • Communications Chair 
  • Alumnae Relations Chair
Board Dates and Deadlines (Please hold these dats in your calendar if you are interested in applying!)
  • 7/7 Applications Due
  • 7/17- 7/20 Interviews
  • 8/1 Notification of Board Selection
  • 8/10 New Board Member Orientation
  • 8/24, 8/25 or 8/27 Annual Board Retreat
  • 9/14 Board Meeting
  • 10/12 Board Meeting
  • 11/9 Board Meeting
  • 12/14 Board Meeting

Interested in joining the Emerge Massachusetts Board of Directors?Please submit a resume, a short letter of interest, and three references who can speak to your experience and contributions to our board directly to contact@emergema.org. Applications are due 7/7. Thank you!

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