Emerge Massachusetts helps women understand that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to run for office. It breaks down the process of running for office into simple and manageable steps, while building participants' confidence and abilities with concrete skills that help women win.

Rebecca Lisi
Class of 2008
Holyoke City Councilor


Emerge Massachusetts not only taught me the mechanics of running a good campaign, it gave me the confidence to run for office and win a seat on the School Committee. Without the skills I learned and the network of women I met through the program, I might still be sitting in my study only thinking about running for office.

Sharon Guzik
Class of 2009
Former Medford School Committee Member


There are so many ways Emerge has contributed to helping me run a campaign that can win. From public speaking, to seeking important endorsements, to fundraising, to fielding tough questions with poise and confidence - the training has given me key skills all in one package. And that is not to mention the sisterhood of wonderful classmates and fabulous networking that opens doors that have long been closed to women who are seeking elected office.

Margot Barnet
Class of 2010
Former Candidate for State Representative


Emerge Massachusetts hasn't just given me the skills I need as a potential candidate, it has given me the confidence I need to pursue public office and a new network of women who will support me when I do.

Harmony Wu
Class of 2011

The Emerge program provided me with tools to pursue public office when I thought that was not an easy option in my community.

Francia Wisnewski
Class of 2012
Greenfield School Committee Member


Beyond the confidence and training I would need to run for office, Emerge has helped me understand how to support the candidates who have become my clients as a political pollster.  I know when it's time for me to step in those shoes myself, I will have a great network of women alongside me.

Jane Rayburn
Class of 2013
Managing Partner at Fako Research & Strategies, Inc. 


Emerge Massachusetts gave me tools I didn't realize I needed. I was already a local elected official and been involved in politics for years when I joined the Emerge network. Friends told me that Emerge MA has a profound professional and emotional impact, so I decided to experience it myself. Emerge opened new doors for me, and thanks to their intensive training and the encouragement of our sisterhood network, I'm confident that I have the right tools and much better aim while on the hunt to shatter those pesky glass ceilings.

Jessica Finocchiaro
Class of 2014
Vice-Chair, Gr. Lawrence Tenchnical School Committee, Former Candidate for State Senate



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